At the end of the day, we all need a private concierge. Particularly on holiday or when we’re visiting an island as special as Sardinia. A private concierge is both a confidant and an invaluable source of advice who will help you explore the island, tailoring your visit to your interests. A private concierge will ensure you do everything you want to do and save both time and expenses in the process.

They will expertly sift through the many properties on sale on the island until they find exactly the right one for you too. They will then deal with all the various aspects of the purchasing process, leaving the best bit to you: enjoying your new home. The same applies to special events of all kinds: parties, weddings. Once again, the concierge does the footwork so you get to do the fun bit: the celebrating. A concierge will organize the perfect trip - the only thing you will have to do is turn up and enjoy it.

They’ll even find you a yacht so effortlessly that all you’ll be thinking about as you cast off is the beautiful and inimitable fragrance of the Costa. They will map out your tour of Sardinia and use their longstanding network of contacts to ensure you enjoy not only the island’s famous delights but its hidden gems too. This is the kind of local knowledge that opens doors and makes for a truly memorable holiday experience.

The Personal Concierge’s job demands exceptional consistency, professionalism and sensitivity. Alexandra Müller has all of the aforementioned qualities. She speaks four languages (German, English and French in addition to Italian) and also specialises in working with Russian and Japanese clients. Alexandra is also just the person you need when you have a business idea or work to do here on the island thanks to her invaluable and often-pivotal wealth of local knowledge. She can even arrange the right insurance for your home.

Alexandra Müller was Sardinia’s first personal concierge and is now its longest-established, offering an exclusive 360° service.

Other services:

  • Contract translations;
  • hereditary succession procedure;
  • assistance and accompanying to the notary.

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